Bullying: Four dead in Ohio

One child was bullied for being gay, one child had developmental disabilities, while another just liked the color pink. In the end, all four died, three from suicide and one from an overdose. Students mocked one girl’s accent, and after she hanged herself, she was buried in the pink dress she’d chosen for prom. Two of her tormenters, friends report, walked up to her casket at the funeral…and laughed.

All four of these children were students in the Mentor school district in Ohio. Their four deaths cover a span of two years, and two of the families involved are now suing the district, claiming that the schools had done nothing to stop the bullying.

Officials from the district declined to comment on the story, and the district “refused” to provide details on its anti-bullying program.

And in what must be the nightmare and the pain of any parent, one of the children’s mothers said about her daughter, “She used to sob to me in the morning that she did not want to go,” says her mother, Janet. “And this is going to bring tears to my eyes. Because I made her go to school.” Read more….


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  1. Ali says:

    The read more link errors out.

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