Paladino drives the homophobic hate bus in NY

Why do children taunt and bully homosexual children, even torturing and killing because of homophobia? In part, it’s because the culture around them condones the hatred and fuels the fear. Keeping up the hate, we now have NY Republican candidate for governor Carl Paladino, who urged his audience not to be “brainwashed” into thinking homosexuality is OK. His prepared speech contained a line that read, “There is nothing to be proud of in being a dysfunctional homosexual,” but he appears not to have used the line in delivering the speech to his receptive audience at Congregation Shaarei Chaim in Brooklyn. His remarks were reported in the NY Times. Read more

To me, it is clear that this hatred of homosexuals is probably the most successful trickle-down initiative the right wing culture war movement has ever achieved. These efforts to foment, foster, and ensure a chain of continuity of hate and intolerance drive the bullying of children who are or who are perceived as being homosexual. And sometimes, that hatred drives those children to death at their own hands. Every time a high-profile, presumably respected person says things like, “That’s not how God created us,” they plant another rotten seed that will grow into the rotten cruelty of bullying.

Mr. Paladino, welcome to the Hit List.


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