Feds to schools: Ignore bullying, risk a civil rights suit

From GLAAD.org:

The Department of Education today addressed teachers’ responsibilities in combating the problem, and informed them that bullying based on sex discrimination and gender nonconformity is often a direct federal violation under Title IX.  Read more

If districts won’t do the right thing, the long arm of the law may make them.

Speaking of laws, there also are two pieces of legislation pending in Congress that address bullying. The first is the Safe Schools Improvement Act,  which would require school districts that receive federal funds to adopt policies against bullying and harassment, including such behaviors that target people on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. A second introduced bill, the Student Non-Discrimination Act, would legislate a similar relationship between receiving federal funds and disallowing discrimination and harassment based on sexual orientation. It also would put in place a mechanism for victims to pursue legal recourse.


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