For today’s consideration, three questions

Over at ParentDish, a mother asks, Was I right to change my daughter’s school because of bullying?

1. What do you think the parent should have done?

And my newspaper today carried this editorial by Esther Cepeda, “We must learn to look beyond our blind spots on bullying.” She discusses myths about bullying, including the persistent myth that bullying is an affliction of urban or poor schools and the other persistent myth that bullying is physical. Our personal experience negates either of those myths.

2. How do your experiences compare in the context of such myths?

Speaking of our personal experiences, our school–which my middle son still attends–recently mentioned a presentation at a booster club meeting of a “bullying prevention” program. We were invited to contact the counselor for more information, so I did. The “program” consisted of about 10 slides with little information to apply. I asked about a district-level anti-bullying program and was informed that there isn’t one. That is not surprising to me, but bullying is endemic in this district–and has been for decades–and I’d say they’d better develop and implement an anti-bullying program sooner rather than later, or they’re going to regret not taking pre-emptive action.

3. Does your district have a bully-prevention or anti-bullying program? If not, have you asked them to implement one?


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