Post of the week: Why bullying won’t end

This week’s post is really an op-ed article from The Observer, in Dunkirk, New York. I selected it because there’s much in it with which I disagree, such as the following:

…We have police in schools because teachers and administrators have been disempowered of meting out proper and immediate punishment when it’s necessary. Modern society has determined that even parents who believe in corporal punishment are guilty of abuse and a form of bullying themselves. That’s just nonsense. That’s a clear case of forming rules by the extreme.

There’s more.

I think someone missed the irony of calling for corporal punishment–the physical infliction of pain on a person by someone with the greater power–in an article on bullying. The writer also poses a series of suggestions for pretty much unenforceable “solutions,” including the following:

Why can’t bullies be taken to court, placed on probation and their cell phones taken for say six months, assuming their parents won’t do it? (They won’t). Why can’t a court ban Internet access for the same six months with a conviction for cyber bullying, assuming the parents won’t do it? (They won’t).

And then suggests that

 Not participating in sports or any other extra-curricular activities can help, but only when meted out evenly and consistently. (We’ve all seen cases of the star athlete being given special consideration). Most of all, somebody has to admit and deal with the fact that not all kids deserve the education we provide, and that there are expectations and certain basic rules of conduct for those who do.

I actually haven’t see the “star athlete” given special consideration, but perhaps I lived a charmed life. And that last statement… “not all kids deserve the education we provide”? That is not only a slippery slope. That’s a super slide, straight to the bottom.

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