4 Ways to Contact Us

1. You are always welcome to post a comment here on the blog.

2. You can also reach us by email at endthebullyingblog *at* gmail dot com.

3. You can tweet us: @endbullying1

4. You can post to us on our Facebook page.

1 Response to 4 Ways to Contact Us

  1. Hannah says:


    I am writing because we have a class assignment to try and better our community by finding a necessary cause and deciding an action plan on how to eliminate the issue altogether. I have decided to start a school wide petition to stop being a bully, a bystander, or a victim, by talking to an adult or a teacher about the problem. I have a few questions to ask:

    Who does bullying affect? (age group, race, gender)
    How are different gendered people bullied differently?
    How does your organization help contribute to the prevention of bullying?
    How can a high school student make a difference in the life of a victim of bullying?
    How can schools stop bulling on campus, as well as off?

    Thank you!

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