About End the Bullying

Advocacy for the bullied

End the Bullying uses this blog, a Facebook page, and Twitter to build a grassroots base of people who are willing to provide support and insight for children who experience bullying and for their parents. Our hope is to provide resources via the Internet and, when needed, locally, for children and families who are experiencing bullying, especially when the authorities are not handling the situation as they should.

In news stories about bullying, especially when it has led to suicide, parents note that they repeatedly tried to contact school administrators or other authorities, only to be ignored. Many families whose stories do not make the news also attest to this cycle of nonresponsiveness. End the Bullying focuses on identifying people across the United States who can serve as contacts and facilitators for parents and children whose complaints are not being heard.

Getting help, giving help

Available on this blog are pages with general information and resources, help specific to the bullied person and to parents of a bullied child, and a regional breakdown of resources, lists that are constantly growing. There is also our “Want to Help? Here’s How” page, where you can find different ways of contributing to our goal of bringing an end to the bullying.

Tracking the bullying: personal stories and resolution

This blog serves another purpose. Here, we collate bullying stories from around the country, both from the popular press and from people who have a story to tell.  If you have a link or a story of your own, please check the “Your Stories and Resolutions” page for details on how to send them. We are especially interested in hearing from people who experienced bullying and who identified effective ways to make it end. You are always welcome to comment on any post with your own insights.

Finally, we have the Bullying Report. It’s a last resort, but here, we track stories in the news about bullying and information about districts and other entities that do not seem to be addressing a bullying issue appropriately. Honestly, we’d rather that this page be blank, but that is unlikely.

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