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GOP-led Michigan Senate approves gutless “anti”-bullying legislation

In other words, if you can claim some sort of bullshit moral ground for systematically abusing another person emotionally or physically, you’d be off the hook. Continue reading

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Anti-bullying expert tells parents that much of their advice is wrong

Jodee Blanco knows bullies. They abused her, stuff snow into her mouth, tortured her until she prayed for death. Continue reading

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A shortage of school counselors? That can’t be good

From the Washington Post “The Answer Sheet“: Though the┬árecommended number per counselor is 250 students, the American School Counselor Associations shows that the national average is actually one counselor for every 457 students. And those figures were from 2008-09, the … Continue reading

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Does reality television foster bullies?

Our children learn from witnessing this. Life isn’t a thorn-free walk through the garden. People will criticize you, even your best efforts. What matters is how you respond to that criticism. Continue reading

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