General Resources

(Possibly) useful links

  • Cyberbullying laws, by state (PDF)
  • Books That Heal Kids, a blog with a ton of great information, including reviews of bullying prevention materials and books.
  • The Steps to Respect Anti-bullying program, which has just been reported to produce a significant reduction in playground gossip. Kits are for purchase and other materials are available.
  • US Department of Education Guidance Letter for schools, warning them to take bullying seriously or risk legal consequences.
  • From the, a watchdog organization advocating for bullied children and reporting on state antibullying laws: Click on your state to find out what its laws are. As of this writing, 45 states have anti-bullying laws on the books.
  • State-by-state breakdown of anti-bullying laws: Olweus Bullying Prevention program provides interactive map for you to find your state’s information.
  • Information from the US government with breakdown of facts related to states’s laws about bullying and findings related to bullying, including the fact that several states have yet even to define bullying in their state laws. The document cites “as of 2003” as a timepoint, so likely some information may be out of date.
  • Facts about bullying from The Human Rights Education Center of Utah
  • Ellen Degeneres speaks out against bullying
  • Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates: a national voice for special education rights and advocacy
  • From the U.S. Government, a rather goofy anti-bullying site, “Stop Bullying Now!”
  • The Bullies to Buddies program, “A Psychological Solution to Bullying”: training, workshops, lectures, school programs
  • UCLA’s Center for Mental Health in Schools. Lots of links, lots of ideas.

Books that you might find helpful
(note: some obviously target Asperger’s syndrome, but their information may be generally useful)

Journal articles

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