Your Stories and Resolutions

Links to stories from the bullied and the bullies

From the bullied

From the bullies


1 Response to Your Stories and Resolutions

  1. Cheryl Barneski says:

    I was in a house fire at five. 40 square inches of my left side are gone. I lived in terror of going to school every day. I could never figure out why the State would not allow me to be home schooled. I was thrown in alleys. Pinched and taunted verbally ever day with the attacks increasing. Every year. Bolder and far more cruel.

    I left home at a very young age. After not one but two Dr. Certificate to get me out of Gym Class. Even then my reasoning was this: I had lived with my scars and the reactions for many years prior. To me they are normal. I did not believe that there was any hope of justice. Nor any hope after being set up for many horrible things.
    I was in the top 2 percent of the National High Scores S.A.T.s.

    IT did not matter where we went. It was awful. I am the eldest of seven. One afternoon the “Bullies” talked a huge horrible person into attacking me. I had just been released from the hospital with a scar release operation. (BTW ) I was approved for the “Stay Awake” during an operation program. My science grades far surpassed the others.
    My sisters chased them off. Another time lets just say that when they could not defeat me with grades. They tried another tactic. I was horribly devastated. I reported the crime. It was awful.
    SO I decided to leave my home and family because there was no way I could avoid them. I survived things I would not ever care to say to become the person I am today.
    It took several years of Prayer, many friends encouraging me to publish my latest works.

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